In an effort to drive consistent racing opportunities across the country, define a clear process for Canadian Dragon Boat Championship, CCWC and PACCC qualification, and improve user experience, Dragon Boat Canada has implemented Race Series 2019.


Previously, DBC supported events known as qualifiers for teams and athletes interested in racing at an international Club Crew level. Starting in 2019, these events will officially be called Race Series Events. Teams and athletes attending Race Series Events will not only build eligibility for Club Crew Championships, but will also earn points for each Race Series Event to be reflected on our DBC Leaderboard and earn a burgee!


Over the Fall, festivals and providers across the country were engaged and participated in webinars to understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to being a DBC Race Series Event in 2019. Festivals that were selected to be Race Series Events in 2019 agreed to uphold the following at their event:


  • Have an on-site DBC representative

  • Conduct roster verification

  • Race at least one qualification distance (200m, 500m, and/or 2000m)

  • Adhere to boat composition rules (as per the Rules of Racing; Division I)

    • Ie. women's boats steered/drummed by women


Clubs and athletes will see some new festivals joining Race Series for 2019, some festivals adding new qualification categories, and some festivals no longer participating. If you don't see a particular festival on the list and you'd like to, please reach out to the event organizers directly and encourage their participation!

All official Race Series Events will have this logo on their website and communications, to help you identify them:

Have a question about Race Series Events or qualification? Email us or fill out the form below:

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